The old valve crews were trying to replace. Rust and corrosion caused the straps holding the valve onto the water main to break off.

Updated 12:12 p.m.
Crews have patched the leak in the water main and water service has been restored along Oak Park Ave.

The leak was caused when workers were trying to remove the old water line running into what will be the new senior center at 126-134 S. Oak Park Ave. When they dug down to shut off the valve on the old water line rust on straps holding the valve caused it to break off the water main, flooding the hole they’d dug with water.

After shutting off water service for the entire block they were able to install a patch on the water main and service was turned back on shortly after 12 p.m.

Crews working to remove an old water line running to the Oak Park Township’s new senior center ran into some trouble Friday morning. Before being shut off, the water line cracked and start filling a freshly dug hole along the 100 south block of Oak Park Avenue with water.

Water service is now being shut off for the entire 100 south block of Oak Park Avenue as the village and workers try to stop the flow of water.

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