I lose a lot of sleep after I read Ken Trainor’s columns trying to tell us who we are and who the President is [Liberal? Conservative? Free-market Socialist? Viewpoints, May 2]. I’m a Republican, not a Tea Party member.

Like many of my Republican friends, I would not commit hari-kari if we raised taxes on the 1 percent. The lie is that if you did raise taxes on the 1 percent, it would somehow help solve our fiscal problem. Maybe a half of 1 percent of the trillions we owe. You never discuss where you are going to cut spending and that is what frustrates even run-of-the-mill Republicans. We always thought that we were pragmatic, but Ken Trainor has reserved that for the Democrats and the “Progressives.”

We do see that pragmatism working very well in Illinois, Cook County, and the city of Chicago. They have worked out a wonderful scheme for themselves, called pensions, whose numbers are not only offensive, they are criminal. They are also very pragmatic on how they lay out the various election districts and then have a majority on the court that approves their offering. They set up districts so they can’t lose; even if a district is 1 mile wide and stretches for 10 miles. They should be ashamed of themselves, but I haven’t noticed any of that.

It is very difficult to leave the Republican Party when you look at the lack of success the Democrats have had in improving education and reducing corruption in the major cities around the country. The Democrats have had control in every city for over 50 years. Most are probably in the same financial shape as we are with those pragmatic pensions to sit back on.

You certainly did the President a disservice by calling him a conservative. He has proven he doesn’t want any of that “stuff” hanging around his door or perhaps Air Force One, which is in the air probably two to three times a week. When you can politic around the country and it costs you nothing because you are President, that is really pragmatic.

Like many of my Republican friends, I am a conservative with a social liberal bent. I’m eager to help the less fortunate in every reasonable way; money, volunteering, etc. So don’t say, “We don’t care.”

There is much more to be said, but you can’t give me the space.

Jack Flynn
River Forest

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