Two regular business meetings a month was just one too many for the OPRF Board of Education.

Come this fall, the school board will go back to meeting once a month for their regular business meeting and holding one committee meeting a month. During the current school year, the board had been holding their regular session twice a month, on the second and fourth Thursdays. All committee work covering instruction, finance, human resources and policy also took place at these two meetings.

But the quick two-week turnaround was too much for administrators and staff to handle in preparing reports and other information for the board, explained President Dietra Millard. At the request of the Supt. Steven Isoye, the board will change its meeting times to once a month every fourth Thursday for regular business and every third Tuesday for committee work.

The board discussed changing their current practice during their regular meeting on April 12. They plan to vote on the new meeting format on April 26, when they will formally adopt OPRF’s 2012-2013 school calendar.

Prior to this school year, the board routinely held its regular meeting once and month with morning committee meetings on Tuesday and Thursday.

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