The Baha’i Temple in Wilmette is a site that is special to many of us in the Chicago area. This unique building is well known not just to members of the Baha’i faith.  Almost anyone traveling by car, boat or plane has marvelled at this amazing blend of Eastern and Western architectural influences.  How many of us knew that that the cornerstone for this site was placed here in 1912?  

2012 marks the Centenary of Abdul Baha’s visit to America.  And during his cross-country tour, he visited Chicago, Evanston and Wilmette. The rest – as they say – is history, and the Baha’i Temple has been a sight of beauty and wonder for all to enjoy.

As a gardener, it is an amazing place to ply one’s trade. I’ve worked in some remarkable settings, but the Baha’i Temple is different. It’s hard to describe, but I have never seen a building that punctuates the sky quite the way this does. When I first started I had to resist the urge to carry a camera with me all the time. Now, after a couple of seasons, I’ve kind of gotten used to it.  I need to keep my eyes closer to the Earth after all…

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Dave Coulter

I have been a horticulturist for thirty years working in the Chicago area and beyond. I have lived in Oak Park for over thirteen years. My writing has recently appeared in the journal Ecological Restoration...

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