Students at Oak Park and River Forest High School are upset that some of their teachers will not be back in the next school year.

Several teachers were “dismissed” by the school board on March 22. OPRF, along with other school districts in the area and state, each spring routinely let’s go of some part-time and non-tenured teachers as part of their class scheduling process for the following school year. Some teachers are often hired back even after receiving a “Reduction In Force” notice from the school.

Still, some OPRF students are protesting the dismissal and have set up a Facebook page and a website, “SAVE OPRF” in support of the teachers. More than 1,000 signatures have been gathered in an online petition against the dismissals.

“We’re calling on the school board and the administration of OPRF to repeal the dismissals they voted upon and to support the educational well being of students by reexamining the budget and, if necessary, cutting from elsewhere,” according to the website.

School officials, meanwhile, insist the dismissals were not budget related but part of the difficult process of planning next year’s class schedule and faculty workforce.

Among the teachers to be let go is history teacher Daniel Greenstone, who recently wrote a fiction novel, A Theory of Great Men, which I just finished reading. Good book about a fictional high school teacher who doesn’t subscribe to the Theory–basically that people shape events in their lives and the world. I don’t normally read fiction but enjoyed the book greatly. Would make for good screenplay and film.

Save OPRF group

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