My basement flooded last year. It was terribly inconvenient and very expensive. The Village of Oak Park should give me money so that I will be one of the lucky 64 Oak Park families that can install a flood abatement system, thus ensuring that my basement won’t flood but increasing the likelihood that my neighbors, who do not have flood systems, will flood. Really? [Application for OP flood grants begins April 2, News, March 21]

Not since the village underwrote the $1 million move of Tasty Dog (yes, a hot dog stand) has the village come up with such a lame-brained scheme. It is outrageous to suggest that the entire community should pay $225,000 to ensure that 64 families don’t flood in the future. It’s not too far-fetched that the unintended consequence of this will be litigation from flooded homeowners, who will target the village for increasing the likelihood of a flood.

If the village feels compelled to act on this issue, offer a loan option to all homeowners via a lottery. As loans are repaid, additional homes can install the flood-control system.

Better yet, use the money to improve the sewer system!

Maura O’Hara
Oak Park

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