Every year we do our best to celebrate Loof Lirpa’s (April Fool) birthday with the standard “Eggs on Toast” for dessert. Hours of preparation go into picking just the right Sara Lee pound cake cut into toast slices and garnished with yolk looking ½ canned peaches surrounded by Cool Whip. It’s pretty delicious to tell you the truth. And all prepackaged foods, convenience is key for April Fool’s desserts.

I love a good April Fool’s trick. Many times I have left phone messages for co-workers to return Mr. Lyon’s call with the number of a local zoo. The Bloomington Illinois Zoo staff responded quickly to my supervisor one year with, “Honey I think someone is pulling your leg – it’s April 1st.”

This year I am going to be ultra prepared for some April Fool shenanigans because I have the right accessories. I started shopping weeks ago.

I’m going to begin by putting Dill Pickle Mints in a standard mint tin and leave them out for my family to try one throughout the day. I figure this sensation of off flavor will be much like drinking orange juice just after brushing your teeth. (Available at Pumpkin Moon – price is negligible)

My Oak Park twitter friends are going to get notes taped on their doors followed by a angry phone messages, “Why didn’t you answer my tweet!? I put it on your door hours ago.. .” (Paper Tweet notepad also available at Pumpkin Moon, and worth every penny.)

I will painstakingly bake through the night and wake my children up to surprise breakfast cookie “Munchstaches.” If I’m extra creative I could even frost with toasted coconut for a fuzzy upper lip sort of look. (The cookie cutters are available at Paper Source in 5 distinctive styles and a bargain at 11.95)

And I’m treating myself to a sugar dot wallet that I can use throughout the day and my life to remind me of the childhood joy of pastel colored sugar dots torn from paper to create a most fantastic sugar rush and added nutritional benefit of white paper fiber. (Paper Source has the wallet too – and I forgot the price so you’ll just have to check it out yourself)

You know next year I’m going to have even more time and fun with all those bacon accessories that Pumpkin Moon sells, Bacon poet kits, bacon belts, bacon soap. Oh yes that’s right bacon soap, maybe I’ll still have time to get some bacon soap to replace the standard bar my husband usually uses for this Sunday Morning. teeehehheee.

Happy April Fools Day – giggle the day away.

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Sarah Corbin

Sarah, a life long Oak Parker, enjoys supporting local small business as much as possible.  With over 20 years in big box and little box retail, she brings a unique perspective to our local business community. ...