Lisa Krusinski is a River Forest baker who makes scones under the business name “Scone-a-Lisa.” I had a few questions for Krusinski about her baked goods…specifically, of course, her scones.

Why scones? 

I started making scones a couple of years ago for our family reunion, a sorority reunion and other events.  Many people suggested I sell them. I sent one email to the contacts in my address book offering to sell my scones. I sold 1,000 scones in six weeks. Scones are a timeless classic.

Where did you get your recipe for scones? 

My family is my pantry. I always try to cook flavors that appeal to my friends and family which results in the best recipes that are my own. I like to peruse many recipes to gain perspective on different methods and how they work. I have created over 15 varieties of scones so far.

When you eat scones, do you use clotted cream or any of the traditional British accouterments? 

The texture and flavors of my scones do not require accouterments although a poached egg with the bacon cheddar chive scone is amazing.

What’s the biggest mistake that scone bakers make? 

Baking is an art. You must be precise and patient. Overworking the dough is the biggest mistake. It yields a scone that is tough and dry.

What’s your best-selling scone? 

Blueberry and chocolate chip are the two most popular flavors. During the holidays it was the pumpkin and apple cinnamon. My personal favorite is the espresso chocolate chip or the coconut chocolate almond. Think Almond Joy!

Where do you make your scones? 

Currently, I am making the scones in my kitchen. As the business grows, I will need to rent commercial kitchen space.

Are individuals your biggest customers, or do you sell to a lot of businesses? 

Individuals have been the basis of my success. Although I am finding a growing demand for offices who like fresh baked scones. My goal is to sell to local businesses and secure weekly corporate accounts. I will always continue to sell to the individuals. They are the ones responsible for the success of Scone-a-Lisa.

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