I have a hospice volunteer; his name is Patrick Curtin.
The kindest man I ever met; of that you can be certain.
He packs my BiPap in his car; he wheels me in my chair.
And out we go to Great Clips so they can cut my hair.

I taught him how to make muffins, which he gladly does for me.
Cleans the dishes, makes the tea, and serves them both to me.
I wrote two books, My Wonderful Life, my autobiography.
He bought them both, and every week, he reads them back to me.

When ALS had “Walk for Life,” he sponsored “Team Fay”
and also walked the 2-mile walk one bright September day.
My life has been much richer since Patrick volunteered.
So I’d like to nominate him “My Hero of the Year.”

About the author: Helen Fay Kutz. has lived in Oak Park since coming back from Japan in 1964. Two years after her husband, Richard, died in 1996, she moved into the Holley Court Terrace, Senior Retirement Community. After getting pneumonia in 2008, she was left with asthma, which after 1½ years got so bad that she was rushed to Northwestern Hospital where they diagnosed ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Her diaphragm is paralyzed, and her breathing capacity is 37 percent. Northwestern provided a BiPap machine which helps her breathe.

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