Peter Kahn

Peter Kahn said he’s not leaving OPRF permanently as he takes a leave of absence next school year to head to London. He’s going to the UK to help establish Spoken Word programs at schools there, similar to the one he founded at OPRF in 1999. Kahn, who teaches English but also interweaves Spoken Word into the curriculum, took a one-year sabbatical in the early 2000s to live in London. While there, he established poetry slams in the country with local poets. He was inspired to return this time around, following the London riots from August 2011, believing young people there need an outlet for self-expression. Kahn is looking to establish a teacher-training program at a London university that he hopes to lead. The goal is to have full-time Spoken Word instructors working at six schools in the next two years.

Kahn plans to return to OPRF for the 2013-2014 school year after conducting the one-year pilot program.

“I’m not leaving to get away,” he said, “but to do something that will have a positive reverberation there and here as well.”

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