A woman in Mississippi was explaining why she voted for Rick Santorum in the primary there.  She said that he had moral substance.  I think she meant that he was faithful to his wife, didn’t use drugs, was against abortion, paid his taxes, didn’t follow the path trod by Illinois governors and went to church regularly.

I’m all for all of the above.  The problem with conservative Republicans is often that when they talk about moral substance, they often focus on private, personal morality and neglect the whole area of social justice.  For President Obama, the fact that some 40 million Americans don’t have health insurance is a moral question.  That citizens in Syria are being slaughtered in Syria is a moral issue.  That an oil pipeline might endanger the environment isn’t just an economic question.  That immigrants–legal or not–are not welcome calls into question the ethical standing of this nation.

So far, I haven’t found a candidate who stands for both the personal morals conservatives worry about and the social justice promoted by liberals.  Do any of you know a good example of a politician who is balanced?

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Tom Holmes

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