While I applaud Wednesday Journal’s endorsement of State Representative Camille Lilly, I do not feel that the Journal adequately covered the reasons Rep. Lilly deserves re-election, particularly to represent Oak Park.

Rep. Lilly has been in service her entire life. She understands, during tough economic times, that we have a responsibility to make certain those most affected by the economic crisis receive the services they need. Illinois needs to maintain fiscal responsibility. Rep. Lilly recognizes changes must not be borne fully by low-income families, children and seniors.

She’s a strong advocate for green jobs and green technology. We need someone who understands the value of making Illinois a manufacturing leader for wind turbines, solar panels, and electric vehicles.

Rep. Lilly has taken brave stands to defend the values of our community. She co-sponsored civil union legislation, an important step in extending civil rights to all Illinoisans. She voted to abolish the death penalty, removing Illinois from a list of governments that includes Iran and North Korea.

I note the Journal gave modest credence to her opponent. Your comments suggest there is an either-or position for a legislator: either “hard choices” or “relationship building.” Experience shows that skilled legislators use both modes, fighting for their constituents. Rep. Lilly’s eyes are wide open.

Her opponent was credited with budget expertise. Such expertise must balance an interest in the human cost of budget cuts in overall fiscal responsibility. Camille Lilly has demonstrated that understanding.

She has earned our support and our vote. She is the kind of legislator who makes Oak Park proud.

Mona McNeese
Oak Park

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