Sitting on a freezing bench, watching your kid play hockey for weeks on end, one tends to bond with the other shivering souls. Fortunately, one of the people in the stands with me for years was my fellow hockey mom, Pamela McClean Meyerson. Pam and I became fast friends as we watched our sons skate the ice at all hours in numerous far-flung locales. I liked Pam from the get-go because she was down-to-earth, pragmatic, and intelligent. She also was far more knowledgeable about hockey and patiently explained plays and officials’ calls.

So when Pam decided to run for judge, I was thrilled because I knew she’d be just as amazing sitting on a warm bench as she was on a freezing one. Pam, of course, has more qualifications than understanding the difference between a two-minute minor penalty and a five-minute major. She is the only candidate rated “Recommended” or “Qualified” for Circuit Court judge by every bar association.

A practicing attorney for 28 years, Pam has represented individuals and businesses, including local business owners and defrauded consumers. Additionally, she has worked as an arbitrator and decided hundreds of cases in that role. And she teaches trial practice skills to Chicago-area law students. As a judge, Pamela McClean Meyerson — who is unencumbered by political influences — would take the cases before her seriously, listen to all sides with equal attention and commitment and come to fair and just decisions.

In hockey speak, she’d make one outstanding ref.

Harlene Ellin
Oak Park

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