Jan. 21 marked the two-year anniversary of the Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court decision. This ruling, in my opinion, was a travesty and a blow to our democratic republic by ruling that corporations are people, and political money is speech.

The Founding Fathers had a lot of experience with powerful corporations in the form of the East India Company, and there is plenty of evidence that they feared that power, and that they intended constitutional rights to be for us living, breathing people. Remember, our Constitution starts with “We the People” and the People at the drafting of the document were living persons.

In the early days of our country there was, in effect, a corporate death penalty — corporations that did very bad things could be disbanded and their assets sold, with proceeds going to the owners/stockholders. What do we do to them today? We fine them and they pass the fine on to us, the consumers and taxpayers.

Let’s also remember that the Boston Tea Party was a protest against the East India Company in which private property was destroyed because of an unfair benefit that England had given to that corporation. They could sell tea without a sales tax that all other tea sellers had to pay.

The founders would be appalled by the Citizens United decision, which is really just an expansion of corporate “rights” that the Supreme Court first invented over a hundred years ago. The only solution to this is a constitutional amendment to restore the intent of the founders. Let us remember that corporations are a matter of governmental policy. The only rights and privileges that a corporation or any legal entity has is what We the People give to it.

There is a movement to reclaim our nation for We the People. If you agree with this letter and want to get involved, send an e-mail to district7west@gmail.com.

Dylan Bellisle

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