Dan Haley’s Feb. 15 column [Finding the middle on guns, News] stimulated my thinking about Oak Park and the middle ground for gun control.

1) Why are restrictions on legally-owned guns expected to solve the problem of unrestricted illegal guns? Until this issue is resolved, no middle ground can be reached.

2) “The Second Amendment is in political ascendancy.” Citizens have the right to defend themselves — this is the intent of the founding fathers, the intent of the living constitution and a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment. As long as the right to self-defense is viewed as merely an obstruction by the gun-control crowd, there will be no middle ground.

3) Katrina pushed registration of legally-owned guns by local authorities off the table for the time being — the confiscation of legally-owned guns by the New Orleans police in the aftermath of Katrina (later ruled unconstitutional) destroyed any trust in local authorities by the opponents of stricter gun control.

4) I was not aware the 1984 ban was mainly symbolic. If this is true, then why did Oak Park waste $ in an appeal to maintain a law that was clearly unconstitutional as written?

John Erickson
Oak Park

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