Jim Woulfe’s One View [Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest? Viewpoints, Jan. 18] only confirms that the radical right wing is incapable of satire, since satire exposes the hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance of the target, the bread and butter of the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, whereas Mr. Woulfe only succeeds in caricaturing the radical right wing view of a progressive — a view that is fact-free.

Speaking only for myself, here is my take as a progressive:

Human beings are first and foremost social animals and cannot survive outside of social structures, so socialism (not to be equated with authoritarianism) is a given for human interactions.

People are remunerated, not for what they earn, merit, or deserve, but for what the market dictates; that remuneration has no bearing on their relative contribution to society.

The tax system should reward those who actually produce and provide goods and services with the lowest tax rates and levy the highest rates on income derived solely from amassed wealth.

I favor neither big government nor small government; I favor effective government.

States’ rights is an antiquated, parochial concept. I am, first and foremost, a U.S. citizen. As such, my rights and access to services should not depend on where I live.

I am a staunch supporter of capitalism, knowing full well that it depends upon greed and the exploitation of others to succeed; therefore, capitalism requires strict regulation to rein in its innate excesses.

Small businesses should be encouraged and freed from unnecessary regulations; large corporations, mainly concerned with rewarding investors, not those who generate their profits, require strict regulation.

I am very much in favor of free markets, not the virtual plutocracy we have today.

The super rich have indeed been successful — successful at gaming the system by lobbying to create policies and tax codes that ensure expansion of their power and wealth at the expense of society at large.

Everyone should pay into Social Security and Medicare as the minimal safety net for retirement and health care. Neither provides enough to cover full need, so the rest is left to private enterprise.

There should be no limit on income subject to Social Security taxes, but employer contributions should be phased out over time.

If everyone paid into Medicare, there would be no need for employers to contribute to health care for their employees as a benefit.

Those representing “originalist” interpretations of the U.S. Constitution should be barred from holding office or judgeships. The founders provided for constitutional conventions and amendments to the Constitution because they knew they could only speak for the conditions of their own time.

The most radical activist judges today are those who made Bush president, intervened in the Terri Schiavo case, and granted corporations personhood.

The budget for public education should be on a par with the defense budget; a populace capable of critical thinking is as vital to our national security as any weapons program.

Funding for public education should not depend upon the wealth of individual communities, but on the number of pupils/students served; therefore, property taxes should not fund public education.

We need an open discussion about our borders and how U.S. corporate business practices have exacerbated the issue of legal and illegal immigration.

I could go on, but these are just a few of the things with which I wanted to regale Mr. Woulfe.

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