Dear Oak Park Village Board:

After watching the special board meeting, Jan. 10, about the Sertus project, I want to say how proud I am of all of you. The discussion clearly showed your mastery of what’s at stake with this project while still acknowledging that there is no such thing as a perfect development. Your honesty about things you needed to understand better, the clarifying questions that you asked the staff and the developer, your reference to thought-provoking concerns expressed by the project’s opponents and your humble and respectful demeanor at the board table were exemplary demonstrations of good government doing good work.

I also admire the preparation and thoughtfulness of the final remarks most of you gave before the vote to approve the project. Although the vote was unanimous, anyone watching must have realized that you arrived at your individual decisions not by group-think but from a wide and mostly unique variety of perspectives.

Jim Kelly
Oak Park

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