I hope the new year brings a renewed sense of hope, fun and laughter for all us. I know that I look forward to the upcoming year with plenty of optimism, which is why I can’t resist this Tickle Monster “kit” available at Sugarcup Trading Company.  The tickle mittens are extremely soft with finger spaces for optimal tickling. The book is delightfully illustrated and it comes with a reusable gift box. It’s the perfect shower, birthday,or just for funny gift to give your toddler. To tell you the truth, it’s probably a great pick me up for an adult who needs a good tickling between the ribs too. The box set is winner of the Mom’s Choice Award, Parent’s Choice Award and the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award.  It’s written by Josie Bissett and illustrated by Kevan J. Atteberry. And well worth the price tag just $35. 

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Sarah Corbin

Sarah, a life long Oak Parker, enjoys supporting local small business as much as possible.  With over 20 years in big box and little box retail, she brings a unique perspective to our local business community. ...