Iowa will soon be voting for a Republican candidate for President and one of my concerns on choosing a “conservative” candidate is that the “right wing” or “conservative groups” are trying to make abortions illegal and also discontinue many health care needs for women.

In fact, just recently a young married, pregnant woman fell down a flight of steps which ended the pregnancy. She had to fight in court so as not to be jailed after being charged with “attempted feticide” in an Iowa city.

In Idaho, a mother of three was arrested for inducing an abortion with drugs. She could not afford the legal procedure, and now faces a felony conviction and five years in jail.

Although abortion is legal as stated in the Constitution, states are passing many new restrictions on the law, causing women who have abortions to be dealt with like criminals. In 2011, states have passed 64 new anti-abortion laws and introduced 900 new restrictions.

I fully understand those who follow their religious views and abide by them. But women should decide for themselves, and politics should not decide that woman who have abortions, even in the case of rape and incest, are criminals.

In these upcoming elections, we must investigate the candidates carefully and learn by their past performances what they stand for. Will they veto health care for women? Will they support health care reforms? Will they tax the middle class in order to provide more tax relief for the rich? Will they respect all religions and follow the separation of church and state? Will they make big business accountable for their acts? Will they seek peace between nations, many of which we may not agree with, or will they try to solve problems by aggressive moves? Will they show a commitment to preserve our environment?

These and many more questions should be answered before they deserve our votes.

Harriet Hausman
River Forest

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