Some of my fondest memories are of holiday celebrations when tradition was cast aside.

Year ago, we spent Thanksgiving tailgating after a college football game. It wasn’t your average tailgate; it was a good old fashioned Thanksgiving spread passionately prepared by a family friend in the comfort of his RV (he even mashed the potatoes with a mixer plugged into a hitch outlet – don’t ask me why)! Stationed outside the football stadium, his RV was party central with kids tossing pigskins in the parking lot while adults mingled, munching turkey and all the trimmings, displayed festively on paper plates. It was delicious!

No house cleaning, no table setting, no floral arranging, no seat assigning, no pressure! 

Then there was the year when a massive snowstorm slammed the Chicagoland area, dumping a record snowfall, and canceling a New Year’s Eve party my husband and I were hosting. That didn’t stop us! We packed our bags; took the last flight out of town and in a few short hours we were splashing in a Miami hotel pool. We even scored tickets for the Orange Bowl the next day. 

This year I needed to inject some major change into the holidays,

I called my daughter at college and asked, “How would you feel if I bought an artificial tree for Christmas?” Excitedly, she described her roommate’s four foot, pre-lit, hot pink artificial tree gracing their apartment. Never having purchased an artificial tree and intrigued by the shock value of hot pink (you either love it or hate it!), I wondered where one could find such a treasure?

“Pre-lit?” I enthused! “Hot pink? Seriously, where do you get something like this?”

If you’re itching to get your fingers on an artificial tree, look no further than Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland located at 25 Christmas Lane in Frankenmuth, Michigan – The World’s Largest Christmas Store – which is “open 361 days of the year and features over 50,000 trims and gifts.” Lucky for me they have an online store and after confirming that this blushing beauty had “all the splendor of a real tree, but without the work of putting on the Christmas lights!” I was sold.

Just a simple click and UPS delivered this sizziling pink extravaganza to my doorstep (which my husband continues to threaten to spray paint green). 

Some people believe that tradition makes the holidays magical, but I think a little change is miraculous! 

What special holidays do you remember when tradition was cast aside?

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