West Suburban Special Recreation Association (WSSRA) offers public thanks to a local organization for their generosity.

“Thumbuddy Special” volunteers provided each of the WSSRA “Polar Express” participants with a holiday gift on Dec. 3. Thumbuddy Special created holiday memories for the children and families touched by disabilities at the WSSRA Polar Express event. Our train was filled with 126 excited participants as they traveled to an imaginary North Pole to see Santa.

Our participants often have fewer holiday options to meet Santa, sing songs, and enjoy festivities than children not touched by disabilities. The WSSRA Polar Express provides that opportunity for children who may not be able to wait in lines to greet Santa at the mall or join in games with typical playgroups. WSSRA teen and young adults may also believe in the magic of Santa and this event does not make age a factor in fun. Receiving a wrapped toy from Santa’s elves adds to the charm and success of this trip. Those toys were provided my Thumbuddy Special, which is a group of dedicated professionals with a background in special education. They personally know the challenges of living life with special needs. Their talented volunteers raise funds locally and share those funds with organizations such as WSSRA to help improve the lives of local children from Oak Park, River Forest, Berwyn, Cicero and Forest Park. These volunteers truly make a difference. WSSRA is grateful for their sincere holiday spirit and ongoing support.

Marianne Birko
Executive director, WSSRA

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