For any detractors who thought that OPRF High School graduate Iman Shumpert may have been taking his upcoming debut in the NBA lightly, this video should prove otherwise.

The film was shot at the high school in late October and shows Shumpert, a first round draft pick by the Knicks (17th overall), engaged in a typical, daily workout.

The beginning is a bit boring with the 6-foot-5 former Georgia Tech guard taking some long-range shots and slam dunking in slow motion, but stay with it.

Shumpert’s execution of an exhausting slam dunk drill with five of his closest friends surrounding him is thrilling. His accuracy during a rigorous jump-shot drill that has him switching to each side of the key—it’s the one three minutes in, not the one in black and white—is near perfect. Shumpert, whose motto seems to be “No Days Off,” along with “Shump, Shump,” makes something like 22 of 23 shots in the scene.

He obviously had some time on his hands during the NBA lockout, and decided to make a short film, along with record a few rap songs, which are featured in the video.

Even former OPRF head basketball coach Al Allen is featured in the film. Allen can be seen wolfing down a plate of scrumptious fried chicken.

Iman Shumpert on WhoSay

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