Civilization began with a cookie: the ability to crush grain, cook it on a hot stone and sweeten it with a little honey marked the beginning of the creative culinary spirit. It was this ability to utilize and store vegetable energy that helped humans dominate cows, pigs, and other less creative life forms.

Me, I’ve always liked cookies. They seem like the perfect way to end a meal: crunchy, sweet, and you don’t have to stay hunched over the table to eat them. You can lean back, relax, and munch on a dessert that goes equally well with coffee or a sweet wine (at a poker game a while back, a friend introduced me to the pleasure of Pecan Sandies and Chivas Regal: it’s actually a very complementary combo).

The annual Cookie Walk at Pilgrim Congregational Church is one of the very finest area resources for these holiday treats.

This year, the lines were longer and the selections wider than we can remember, and we’ve been going since our youngest daughter, recently graduated from college, was in Pilgrim’s pre-school program, the beneficiary of Pilgrim’s Cookie Walk.

Hope you didn’t miss it, but if you did, there’s always next year.


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David Hammond

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