To anyone who has done anything:

There they go again! Wasting our money while the fat cats sit on their heals and cut deals with the developers, pocketing TIF money. They’re in bed with the D97 school board who only want to see heated sidewalks that will do nothing to improve the achievement gap which is further illuminated by stadium lighting. Buy high, sell low, that is the philosophy of the Madison St. pro-planter-pinheads and mosquito abatement commies. The high property taxes are too high and we need to spend more money on the stuff that matters to me and less money on the stuff you like. We need to do more AND less. Don’t you see how simple it is, Village Board? Let’s put an end to everything no matter how good or bad, or better yet, don’t start anything, do anything, change anything, move anything, increase anything, decrease anything, cut anything, add anything, improve anything, screw up anything, try anything or do anything to any thing or anyone because I will write a comment on You WILL be hearing from me, anonymously of course.

Signed, DangerMouse

I am so put off by the strident anonymous discourse online at the end of each article. I usually only read comments made by those who attach their names to their views. What does that say about someone willing to criticize someone acting publicly but unwilling to have their own views attributed to them? Are you really afraid of us? People openly and respectfully disagree all the time, especially in Oak Park. Why don’t you?

So let me get things started by openly knocking something most people like: “I don’t think taxpayer dollars should be spent on an escalator at the Oak Park el stop. It is a waste of money, energy and we all need the exercise.” There, I said it and I feel great.

Don’t be an online lurker. It is just creepy. Step outside, the sunshine feels great.

Steve Bankes
Oak Park

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