Used to be, taking pictures of your food in restaurants was considered eccentric.  It was not that long ago when folks would smirk and point at me for documenting what I was having for dinner.

I’m not saying that the smirks and points were not well-deserved.

In the second decade of the new millennium, with iPhones in many pockets, people have the opportunity to take pictures of everything …which means, more photos of food.

Some restaurants clearly state on their menus that you’re not to use a flash when taking photographs in their dining rooms. This is a totally understandable position to take, and I understand why some chefs – and restaurant goers – are disturbed by people turning every dining experience into a photo shoot.

Maybe this constant documenting of dining has gone too far. Perhaps we should all just put down our cameras and eat.

Me, I can’t do that. Perhaps I should seek help.

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David Hammond

David Hammond, a corporate communications consultant and food journalist living in Oak Park, Illinois, is a founder and moderator of, the 8,500 member Chicago-based culinary chat site. David...