Vintage glass bracelet, by Two Girls Gems

Accessories – how can one get dressed with out them?  These very important closet essentials are the key to updating your wardrobe and the single most creative way to show your individuality.   I believe you are never fully dressed with out your jewelry – and I’ll admit that when selecting my jewelry for the day, my instinct is to reach for a statement necklace or a huge cocktail ring.  However, in my never -ending search for the perfect treasure, I have discovered a most lovely, locally made line of jewelry from ‘Two Girls Gems’.   

The Two Girls Gems collection is made by hand selecting quality vintage pieces and combining them with modern beads, chains & gemstones.  Buckles, clips, brooches, watch fobs, keepsakes and more are all reinvented into heirloom quality jewelry.  Every time I see Sarah & Elizabeth, the designers & owners; I can’t stop drooling over the beautiful jewelry they have on!  Not only are they walking adverts for their product, but they like to ‘road test’ each piece, working out the design details – ensuring that it lays correctly, doesn’t snag or scratch.   Each item is unique and tells a story, say Sarah: “I have always loved to take old things and make them beautiful again”.  

Wear these every day: Antique micro mosaics restyled into dangle earrings on sterling posts, for $104.  Vintage chandelier crystals with original metal work components adorn this brass necklace, $52.  A pretty necklace comprised of a vintage rosary chain, and Austrian crystal earring converted to a pendent, and reclaimed chain w/ crystal beads, $62.  Vintage fire polished beads along with brass and glass beads, restyled into a fresh new bracelet, $65.

The Two Girls Gems jewelry can be found at Careful Peach, in Oak Park; as well as Yearbook & the Emporium in Forest Park.  Also available online:; and they are participating in the Holiday Housewalk & Market, Dec. 2 & 3, 2011.  Perfect pieces for a gift, be sure to get something for your self before these One of- a -kind treasures are all snatched up.

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Suze Solari

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