A quote from a Nov. 16 story: “Failor said that all money from the Madison Street tax increment financing district (TIF) needs to be allocated by the end of 2011, adding extra urgency to the discussion.”

So the money is burning through the pockets of our village leaders.

The important question is: If Oak Park doesn’t blow the $7,700,000 on narrowing Madison Street, what happens to the money?

a) General fund (so they have to tax us less in 2012?

b) Rebate to the taxpayers of Oak Park?

c) Establishing a community development trust?

d) One hell of a holiday party for the village board?

As I recall, River Forest faced a similar situation in 2010. If they didn’t spend that pile of TIF cash, where did it go?

The oddest thing about Oak Park governance is that the strangest proposals get the least response because no one thinks that the board is really so stupid as to go through with a truly wacky proposal — and then they surprise us by going ahead.

Dave Towne
Oak Park

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