Your Oct. 5 cover story [1961.What is this Montessori? News] correctly names four of the six large families who got together to found Alcuin Montessori School. Inexplicably, it omits Dr. Urban Fleege and his wife Virginia, who, with the Dunns, were central to this activity.

I attended a meeting at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in June 1963 where the preschool-age Dunn and Fleege children, among others, demonstrated use of the Montessori materials. They worked calmly, enthusiastically and purposefully to complete projects of their choice, aware of the audience but not distracted by it.

My husband and I were so impressed that we made immediate plans to move to Oak Park so that our own children could enroll in the only Montessori School in the Midwest. When we got there, we found the Fleeges at the hub of activity, from car pooling to selection of directresses for the school.

Our experience at Alcuin was so positive that it motivated me to study educational psychology under Dr. Fleege’s direction at DePaul University. The Montessori method of “learning how to learn” has enriched our family’s life immeasurably.

Betty T. Moore
River Forest

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