To Cara Pavlicek, head of the Parking Dept.:

I was given your address by the village clerk. I am writing to express my frustration. It seems Oak Park (especially the Parking Department) does not really want feedback from Oak Parkers about the parking garages, particularly the one at Harlem & Ontario. I am way too busy to spend 10 minutes on hold, get passed from one person to the next at village hall while I educate your employees about the parking survey, and they know nothing!

While there this morning, I tried to remember the web address of the Monkey Survey, and as soon as I got home, I typed it into my computer, apparently not accurately enough.

I’ve probably been in and out of the garage five times since the signs went up, but I’ve never seen the brochures the clerk told me about.

Do you really want feedback? Or do the VOP parking people just want to move ahead raising more money on the backs of your citizens, without really getting our feedback?

Jane Lambshead
Oak Park

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