Front row (left to right): Brad Spencer, Missy Laurell, Carrie Bankes, Dan Haley; Middle Row: Sarah Corbin, Molly Frank-Stewart, Evan O'Brien, Mike Risher, Dawn Ferencak, Elizabeth Diffin; Back row: Alaina Buzas, Elisha-Rio Apilado, Devin Rose, Liz De Carlo, Lourdes Nicholls, Lisa Browdy, Carrie Kaufman, Lexi Nielsen

On Oct. 21, Wednesday Journal staff and bloggers celebrated with a cakewalk to mark the birthday of, which turned a year old this Sept. 29, 2011.

Several cakes, including one inspired by the logo and baked by shopping blogger Sarah Corbin, were up for grabs during the cakewalk.

The celebration concluded with Publisher Dan Haley blowing out a birthday candle on the cake, marking a successful year for our growing community website.

Happy Birthday!

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