Food Day is Monday! What better way to celebrate than to gather with friends and feast on fresh, local food. And what better place to get it than the Oak Park Farmers Market? (What’s Food Day? Read about it here.)

This is the penultimate weekend for the Farmers Market, which closes on October 29. So now is your chance to stock up on produce, meat, eggs, condiments and plants to see you through the long, cold winter.

Summertime favorites like corn and tomatoes were still available when I visited last weekend, but what you’ll see more of are squashes, root vegetables, and greens. Apples and cider are plentiful, and can also find some nice Halloween pumpkins and beautiful autumn flowers. Take a look at my gallery and tell me you’re not tempted to brave the chill.

Then go ahead and have a donut.

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Lisa Browdy

We all know what to do, and many of us resolve to do it every year: eat better, exercise more, lose weight and reduce stress. We may have many demands on our time and energy, and not a lot of cash to spare...

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