I think we can all agree that something needs to be done to expand the Ike and, ideally, improve public transportation. Rather than improving public transportation, the idea being floated is to shorten the Blue Line. How this is a viable idea to ease traffic, congestion and pollution is beyond me.

I have an idea — and let me clarify, I am not an engineer. Rather than capping the Ike or shortening the Blue Line, why not bring the Blue Line underground in Oak Park? The train could go underground after Central and reemerge in Forest Park. There would have to be access to allow the ramps currently in place to go into the subway. I could see the Blue Line being out of service in Oak Park and temporary shuttles used.

While not ideal, turning it into a subway would provide at least one additional lane of traffic in both directions. If they can do the Big Dig in Boston, this seems like a viable solution to a problem.

Dave Enderle
Oak Park

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