Thanks to Connor McIlwain, the OPRF student who took the time to write about new policies at the high school that, according to his piece, seem to be having a demoralizing effect on the student body [The high school changes are failing, Viewpoints, Sept. 14].

It’s no wonder that the students are demoralized. I attended the board meeting in which the closed-campus policy was approved. Most board members expressed little concern that there was no plan for how to deal with the overcrowding that would result from the new policy. Board President Dee Millard went so far as to ask why students couldn’t be asked to eat in the fitness rooms.

McIlwain should be applauded for remaining positive and writing that “concerned members of the community cannot let certain changes demean the highly esteemed high school.”

If I were a student and learned that my high school’s board president thought that it would be appropriate for me to spend my lunch hour in a sweaty fitness room, I would likely not remain so concerned about the demeaning of the institution. I would be more concerned that board members were comfortable demeaning the students.

Is Mr. McIlwain interested in a school board position? The community needs him.

Jim Gill
Oak Park

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