More and more individuals with a disability are now using wheelchairs. This group also shops at stores that they are able to get into. Can they get into your store? While it is understood that a door one opens at the push of a button costs $1,500 or more, to put a button which rings inside your store when one needs assistance to get in costs much less.

Can a wheelchair get into your entrance? Do you need to widen your entrance?

When it is a hassle for a person in a wheelchair to get into a business, they just don’t go to that store. How much could your store get in additional sales if you just spend $100-$200 to put the bell described above on your door? If you do, please notify us at so we may list you in a new category on our website called “accessible businesses” in Oak Park.

As a known advocate for persons with disabilities and a person in a wheelchair, I feel the percentage of stores in Oak Park that those in wheelchairs cannot enter is a shame. Do stores want the dollars of persons in wheelchairs? Please show us you do.

Joel Sheffel
Executive director, CEO
Website Supplied Access News Association

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