I’ve had a blog theme running for a few weeks: Giving Back! And, my focus of attention has been on Hephzibah Home.  It is again except this time it’s the kids at Hephzibah who are giving back to the Berry family with their second Lemonade Stand this Friday, August 12th from 1 – 3 p.m. in front of Hephzibah Home at 946 North Blvd, Oak Park.  

If you read Marty Stempniak’s article – you know about the Berry children who suffered severe injuries and the loss of their parents in a head-on car collision outside of Houston on July 2. The two Berry boys are currently at Shriners Hospital for Children in Galewood receiving treatment.  

According to Molly Philosophos, Director of Development at Hephzibah, the first Lemonade Stand was a success, raising $540 for the Berry children. Inspired to do more, Hephzibah kids are offering their delicious lemonade and cookies again! 

When I asked Philosophos where the inspiration comes from, she immediately responds, “Mary Anne, of course!” 

If you don’t know Mary Anne Brown, she’s the Executive Director at Hephzibah, and as Philosophos explains, Brown feels very strongly in getting the children living at Hephzibah involved in helping other children less fortunate than them.  “The children at Hephzibah have had terrible things happen to them but Mary Anne does not allow them to feel sorry for themselves but rather encourages them to look to what the future holds.  Last year our kids participated in a food drive for the Oak Park Food Pantry and orchestrated a Hop-A-Thon to raise funds and awareness for ALS.”

Stop by Friday from 1 – 3 p.m. and help the kids at Hephzibah give back to the Berry children.

You’ll start your weekend with a caring act of kindness, which according to Brown “is perhaps one of the ultimate ways to lift and heal the human spirit.”

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