Caring for kids at Hephzibah

I’m going to keep this simple: Hephzibah needs you to COMMIT to click! By adding your name to the comment section below, you are agreeing to VOTE for Hephzibah every day for the next 79 days (until October 8th) to bring $25,000 to Hephzibah. 

Mary Anne Brown, Executive Director of Hephzibah, is a straight talker; she relies on people, like you, to help kids and families. “Local agencies rely on local funds and in today’s economic climate, our local institutions are exhausted! We look to many organizations, groups, auxiliaries, caring people to help us.” Brown adds, “If it’s about kids and no one else is doing it – we’ll do it!” 

Yet Hephzibah can’t do it alone. They need YOU!

Looking beyond local government and relying on its network of volunteers, Hephzibah was nominated to participate in a competition: EMC Insurance Company’s 100 Ways of Giving. At stake? $25,000 – which would allow Hephzibah to make the big and the small happen! Small – resurrecting it’s Reading Academy, Big – supporting kids of abuse and neglect by increasing their reading skills, which in turn enhances their self-esteem as they begin the school year. 

It’s time to join forces by making something big happen through one small act, every day, for the next 79 days! 

It’s a simple, powerful expression of giving back.

Will you commit by visiting: hzibah to cast your daily vote!? Will you 
notify your friends by sending them this link and ask them to commit to click for Hephzibah?

Join other readers by adding your name to the comment section below indicating your commitment to vote every day until October 8th. 


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