I came in this afternoon (Thursday July 21) at around 2 after several attempts earlier that morning to pull myself out of bed from a cold that I’ve been fighting. Among the first phone calls I had planned to make when I got in was to Jassen Strokosch for an Irving School story I was contemplating. I emailed him last Friday afternoon to see if he had time to talk Monday morning. He replied that he did.

I didn’t get in until late Monday morning and soon after emailed him to say I hadn’t forgotten about our talk and that I was hoping we could talk later in the week. He replied later that day and said, “Sure. whenever.”

I had made sure to remind myself to give him a call today and was suprised to hear that he is missing; my thoughts are with him and his family.

I have a habit of calling people I first meet “Mr.” or “Ms.” so-and-so, and it takes me a while to get use to calling them by theif first name. That’s also true for Jassen, whom I first talked to by phone in 2007 for a D97 school story. He insisted that I call him Jassen. I’m hopeful that he is OK and that we’ll be having more phone and face-to-face talks soon.

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