Sad day. Starbucks next to the Lake Theatre is closing today. It was the second Starbucks to open in the Chicagoland area (back in 1991) and has been a “go to” spot for many (even those who want to bring a coffee into the Lake Theatre are allowed to do so). 

Yes, I realize that Starbucks is a chain and that our local coffee places are important (hello Buzz Cafe!). I frequent all of them and will continue to. However back in 1991 I worked next door to the Starbucks and fondly remember the “hipness” of the new kid in town. It’s pretty cool to think that Oak Park was considered to be a high priority location for the coffee gurus back then. I’m not sure what will replace this small storefront but am hoping it happens soon! 

RIP Little Starbucks!  You will be missed in Downtown Oak Park!

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