New to the Chicagoland area, Door to Door Organics now delivers fresh organic produce and other groceries to your door in Oak Park and River Forest.

With farmers’ markets all over the city, it seems unnecessary to hire someone to bring fresh produce to your door, and it’s not cheap: a small “bitty local farm box” of mixed vegetables is about $27. Door to Door Organics does, however, deliver a lot of value.

My wife had a Groupon certificate, so with free delivery our order was about half the usual price, and it was undeniably high-quality. The baby bok choi were gorgeously lime green, perfectly crisp; the Lancinato kale and red and green lettuces, flawless, the kind of leaves you’d expect to see at a white tablecloth restaurant; all the other fruits and vegetables in the box, each carefully cushioned with wrapping paper, were about as ideal as could be imagined.

Door to Door Organics is a web-based operation, which gives users the advantage of being able to switch out produce they don’t like for produce they do like, online, and then have the preferred produce delivered in the next shipment.  The system records your preferences to ensure that future shipments reflect your likes and dislikes.

Although the website boasts “local” produce, current boxes can contain distinctly non-local items like nectarines and avocados, though there are many items that are sourced locally. Suppliers include Harvest Moon Organics in Viroqua, Wisconsin, and Deer Creek Organics in Ann, Illinois.

If buying exclusively local is not of particular concern, and if you don’t mind spending a little more (like maybe twice as much) for gorgeous fruits and vegetables, check out Door to Door Organics:

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