I love going to movies in theaters. I’m pretty much of a cinema omnivore. I like all the genres with the exception of torture movies and horror movies because I’m easily made afraid. I’m a fan of R-rated comedies which enjoy a current  popularity. This summer I’ve seen “Bad Teacher”, “Hangover II” and “Bridesmaids” All three were pretty good . As is typical with this kind of movie there are some very funny bits and some that are not so funny.

One of the not so funny is the scene in “Bridesmaids” when the girls go to the cheap Brazilian steakhouse prior to their wedding dress fitting and get some bad food. There follows an extended scene with the girls running to the toilet, sinks and the bride in the middle of the street to relieve themselves. Now maybe it’s because I’m 62 years old or have a poor sense of humor, but I just don’t think explosive diarrhea is funny.                         

What’s interesting is that all the young people I’ve polled think this scene is hilarious, while almost all the people my age are with me. Now generational differences over humor are hardly new or surprising, but I’m wondering if something more is going here that might account for this difference. Did we do something wrong toilet training our children? Maybe it’s the result of too much “sex,drugs and rock and roll”. Is it a sub- conscious response to our ruining their economic prospects?    

Who knows? I will say this though: as disgusting as explosive diarrhea humor is , it’s  better than Lady Gaga, the Kardashian’s and Jersey Shore.




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John Hubbuch

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