Oak Park Elementary School District 97 has undertaken the process of streamlining its various policies that deal with student discipline into one all-encompassing policy, which it hopes is more concise and understandable for families.

The school board is expected to take action on the policy revision this week. Currently, 10 policies address various aspects of discipline. Administrators also have a set of procedures concerning student discipline. The board will vote to narrow that information down to a single policy that will also include procedures. The policy review was initiated by Supt. Albert Roberts, who felt the district needed one uniform policy concerning discipline. A draft of the measure was submitted to the board on June 14; they scheduled a vote for their next regular meeting on June 28.

The revised policy also addresses the relatively new problem of “sexting” among students, i.e. sending sexually-explicit images, text or audio via cellphones or other electronic devices.

With respect to using cellphones for educational purpose — of which Roberts is a proponent — the administration is still reviewing one of the 10 policies that deal with cellphones.

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