We go to maybe one Cubs game a season. I don’t really follow the sport, but I enjoy the vibe of getting off the train at Addison (about 30 minutes from Oak Park), walking among the crowds in their sometimes preposterous fan gear, and then settling into my seat for a few hours of sports-related chowing down.

Chicago ballparks are doing their best to upgrade the amenities, but I can’t imagine a more comfortable and tasty way to enjoy the game than by sitting outside the park in one of the many brownstones that ring Wrigley and that have been converted into restaurant/sports bar/stadium seating venues.

We were recently invited to Lakeview Baseball Club (3633 N Sheffield) and had a fabulous time. I’ve noticed that the seats at some of these converted residences do not afford a very clean view of the field, but the LBC building is located right along the first base line, and we felt very much like we were “in the action.”

The food and drink is unlimited, and we enjoyed a very respectable hot dog (thicker than most Chicago versions; I’m guessing about a quarter pound of wiener), a hamburger that I would have guessed was fresh pressed but which I was told was frozen, and an unspecified number of beers.

With good sight lines,  better-than-average ballpark food, comfortable seats, and bathrooms just a few steps away, going to the game at LBC is a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon or evening.

LBC seems to cater to large groups, but if you’re interested in checking out the club, you can get tickets by going to their website http://lakeviewbaseballclub.ticketleap.com/ or by calling 773-935-1880.

Do you have any favorite residence-cum-bleachers places around Wrigley? We’d love to hear about them.

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David Hammond

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