Last week Brian Lantz alleged that the developers of the Comcast proposal deliberately misstated the median income for Census Tract 8128 [Comcast project concentrates poor in poor part of town, Viewpoints, June 8]. However, I believe the median income statistic that was cited by Wednesday Journal was from my testimony on factual issues to the Plan Commission. I cited the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council’s (FFIEC) 2010 Census Estimate for tract 8128.

Mr. Lantz cited the “median household income” in 2000. I cited the 2010 “median family income.” The FFIEC only updates median family income each year. I felt the more contemporary data was more relevant. In most cases, median household income data will be a little less than median family income data since families are defined as two or more occupants while the MHI data includes single person households. The difference in definitions and the 10-year time difference resulted in the differing data.

Rob Breymaier
Executive director, OP Regional Housing Center

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