Oak Park Village Manager Tom Barwin was recently up for his yearly performance review, and based on that effort, village hall’s top administrator will be receiving no raise.

The village board approved the contract change on Monday night with no comment after discussing it in a closed meeting beforehand. Trustee Ray Johnson said the slow economic recovery factored into the decision, along with numerous other elements. He declined to say whether Barwin received a favorable evaluation but did say village hall needs to improve its Building and Property Standards Department.

Barwin’s base pay will remain at $165,411 this year. However, he will be receiving a one-time, lump sum payment of $4,135 based on his performance. Johnson pointed to the village’s improving finances and decreasing crime rate as reasons to give the perk.

Overall, the five-year manager said he is satisfied with the evaluation.

“If you embrace the notion of being accountable, you accept both the compliments about strengths and achievements, and you have to equally accept the input about shortcomings and areas that need more attention,” Barwin said.

Last year’s evaluation resulted in Barwin getting a 2.24-percent raise to his base pay, and an $11,325 performance-based bonus. But he asked to have those payments deferred, as village hall’s nonunion employees are in a wage freeze. He said Tuesday that the village is continuing to defer those payments.

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