The Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry is asking for $36 donations by Sunday, June 25.

Although Oak park River Forest Food Pantry serves families from 28 zip codes in Cook County, you may find it surprising that the Food Pantry serves 698 families in Oak Park.

While it may be difficult for some to imagine, there are members of the community who are unsure if they will have enough money to put food on the table every day. Just $36 can help. It can buy peanut butter, tuna, rice, pasta, meat, and more. Actually, $36 can buy a lot more when we shop at the local food bank where every $1 can purchase $11 of food. So for your $36, the Food Pantry can actually purchase close to $400 worth of food.

On Saturday, June 25, some 60 people from Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry will take a bus to join thousands of others in Greater Chicago Food Depository’s Annual Hunger Walk. This is an amazing event for the OPRF Food Pantry because 100% of the funds received from anyone
who makes a donation to their Team will go towards the purchase of food from the local food bank. They don’t even need to pay for the bus to get to the walk, the food bank pays for that and will put $15 in the Food Pantry’s account for every person they bring to the walk.

They need your help – $36 of your help or more if you want. Or walk if you can. Visit their website for more information on donation and the walk – www.

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