At Day in Our Village, I spied a spunky, fashion savvy four-year-old boy sporting colorful Crocs . . . bringing back a flood of sweet, fond memories of my son when he was a preschooler. It wasn’t the wacky Crocs that triggered my stroll down memory lane; it was this four-year-old’s preference for wrong-shoe-on-the-wrong-foot fashion. 

Back in the mid ‘90s, when my son was perfecting this same nonconformist technique, velcro-strapped gym shoes adorned with Power Rangers were in vogue. Never wanting to correct his mistake, I’d watch as he proudly lashed on his big boy shoes, delighting in his sweet innocence and perfection. He eventually learned to get the right shoe on the right foot, and master other important skills needed in his adult life. But, I missed those days. . . not even realizing it, until that independent-thinking four-year-old boy walked past me last Sunday. 

Thank you for warming my heart and reminding me – that no matter what the latest footwear craze (Crocs or Power Rangers), some things (thank goodness) never go out of fashion!

What are some of your favorite memories of your son or daughter? Mispronounced words, botched phrases? Haircuts with cuticle scissors? Wearing the exact same outfit over and over? An addiction to purple cowboy boots?

What brings a smile to your face when you reminisce about your child’s wonderful perfection?

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