I agree with the students about closing the OPRF campus [OPRF closes campus, kids speak out, News, May 25]. I especially think that if kids are using drugs, it’s the parents’ problem, not the school’s.

Parents and other family members know their kids, so if their kid is using drugs, the family would realize that they are acting strangely or have unusual behavior. If they sense something different about their child, they could and should look around the kid’s personal belongings to try and find any inappropriate items, such as drugs.

After all, it is not the school’s responsibility to keep track of students’ health or personal problems. Parents need to take a step towards their children’s lives and make them better.

The school can’t go through the students’ lockers or backpacks, looking for illegal drugs. Parents don’t like it and neither do the students. The school can’t have a tight security system like an airport either. It’s just not right.

Parents have the right to make necessary changes for their kids, and they should. They shouldn’t hand over their responsibilities to others. The school is supposed to teach, not supervise, their students’ entire lives. And even though other schools have closed campuses, it doesn’t mean we have to!

I live a block from OPRF, and I planned on coming home for lunch, not in a noisy, crowded cafeteria, wishing to be sitting at my kitchen table. Besides, if you keep kids inside, you don’t want other kids to be sitting right next to a drug user and accidentally get a bit of the drug in what they are eating.

If people are using drugs, their family should know. They most likely will, and they are the ones who should make a change.

Julie Cozette, age 11
Oak Park

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