Ever dream of leaving your family for life on a secluded island? Longing for those carefree days before kids?  After your son has a meltdown or your daughter has been disrespectful, rather than forcing down your anger or irritation, try something new! 

Instead of reacting to your children’s misbehavior – how about creating a different response?  

Refocus Your Attention:

At the end of a challenging day with your child, take a quiet moment to focus on the situation or behavior that you felt upset, guilty, disappointed in, or irritated by. What was happening with your child? What was the predominant feeling you experienced?  Now, just for a moment, allow yourself to let your discomfort go. (Remember, when you are done with this exercise, you can emotionally pick up where you left off.)

Feeling peaceful and relaxed, ask yourself this simple question: Why is my child a gift?  


  • How has your child made you a stronger, more loving parent?
  • What has your child taught you, that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise?
  • How has your child helped you grow into a more confident, competent person?
  • What other benefits have you received by being a parent to your child?
  • (Talk out loud and/or write down your answers to these questions.) 


As parents, we have a choice; we can either embrace who our child is and what our child offers us – or fight against his/her behaviors and personality. Seeing your child as a gift, especially during those difficult times, deepens your love while you discover the innumerable benefits you receive by being the parent to this amazing child. 

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Melissa Ford

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