Yesterday, according to some, the world was to come to an end.  I gather that it didn’t. Perhaps I was spared the pain and turmoil of the End of Earth, and I am typing today on some celestial computer out there, somewhere?  

Blogging (still) in blissful heavenly ignorance!

I wasn’t aware several weeks ago that I’d scheduled an IMBD birding event on Doomsday out in Kane County at Lone(ly) Grove Preserve.  Perhaps that was why only a couple of birders showed themselves.  And here I thought it was because of the rain!  Surely everyone else must have been making their Final Preparations with Great Concern and Haste?

Anyway, Doomsday was a little rainy and mosquito-y, but otherwise quite wonderful.  Our little company found a number of fine spring migratory birds. It turned out that the richest spot for sightings yesterday was the edge of a rough little creek where we spotted around ten species including warblers, flycatchers, and buntings

It was often difficult to know which way to look as the forest floor was littered abundantly with native wildlflowers including Jack-in-the-Pulpits, Columbines, and Shooting Stars.  As the clock ticked ever closer to our Cataclysmic End, I noticed my feet got ever wetter as slogged through the wet grasses.  I felt shame that I would likely meet my Maker with toes that were all damp and pruney. 

After the field trip ended I made my way back homeward.  I spent my last few hours of Temporal Daylight repairing a burnt-out headlight and enjoying a plate of ravioli with E. I guess that deep in my heart I knew that the End wasn’t at hand. I had purchased a (losing) lottery ticket on Friday. I can assure you that the only time I would win a jackpot would be when the End of the World was nigh.

You’re all safe, and, judging by the lovely sunshine today I guess we’re all still here.  

Doomsday Saturday wasn’t so bad, in fact, I feel fine

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