For the past 20 years, the third Saturday in May has meant it’s “that time of year”… of my favorites in Oak Park – WRIGHT PLUS!! My friends and family know that come Friday my life will be 24/7 Wright. The 37th Annual housewalk of Frank Lloyd Wright and other architecturally significant homes is like no other. From the extraordinary exteriors and interiors, to the hundreds of people who have traveled thousands of miles, volunteers, experiences, smiles and vast knowledge of architecture I am amazed at how this event is pulled off each year. It truly makes Oak Park the showcase of the architecture world.

I have been a volunteer with the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservations Trust for twenty years and for 13 years I have been the house captain of Unity Temple with my co-captain Mark Szyndrowski. What can I say? We are a great team and Unity Temple is (as Frank Lloyd Wright said) ” my little jewel box” which is why we have a fan club who keep coming back to volunteer with us year after year. The commitment is big but sooooo worth it. I love showing off our village to people from all over the world who are left “star struck” by our architecturally rich landscapes and history. Each year is memorable in many ways. The amazing homes, interesting visitors from far away places and the “good vibrations” that you get when you educate visitors about Oak Park (not to mention educating them about “where to eat in Oak Park”)!

It’s a privilege promoting this amazing place to amazing people who truly CARE about how Oak Park came to be. With over 500 volunteers helping out on Saturday, it’s a pleasure to be a part of it. If you’re at a loss of how to be involved just ask me. It’s so easy and you won’t be sorry. I look forward to the next 20 years or Wright Plus and beyond! For more information, visit

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